What We Do


After serving more than 1500 young Jordanians; TTI has properly been involved in the local youth community of Jordan to notice that our education system doesn't offer proper awareness or exposure to latest innovation and entrepreneurship trends that is being widely spread all over the world, on the other hand we see Jordan in a big need for innovation and entrepreneurship cultures, as it’s commonly known that Jordan faces the challenges of its limited resources and that as young community the number of employment opportunities at the market are never enough to absorb all the job seekers among youth, so Innovation and entrepreneurship should be such a significant component of our schools and universities and the entire cycle of education in the kingdom. Furthermore it’s obvious that the efforts and activities to spread innovation and entrepreneurship is being focused inside the capital Amman, so TTI carried out “TTI Schools” in order to inject “Innovation culture” in the education cycle in Jordan and  to reach students from outside Amman.

TTI Schools will be reaching students at early stage of a secondary years before they start taking strategic decisions in their lives, it will show them “entrepreneurship and Innovation” as two more possible streams they can follow for a bright future, so the design was put to attract an audience of a mix from a schools from Amman with a school (or more) from outside Amman at each trip in order to help bridging the gap among the different communities of youth in Jordan. 



TTI Schools works on providing inspirational and awareness workshops for schools students that is built on the idea of a mutual event among many schools from different cities of Jordan, mainly by holding a full day interactive workshop for a mixed audience from those schools. Those sessions are customized for schools students and will talk to them in a way that attracts their minds to adopt innovative and entrepreneurial approaches.

At each workshop many of the local inspirational leaders and professional trainers are invited in order to spread knowledge and share their success stories with the audience, this workshop will also be supported by many activities and exercises that shall help the students have some practice of many of the presented topics. 


Target Audience

Schools students at the stage of secondary years with a special focus on those outside Amman.


Previous Events 

A piloting event under this special edition was successfully implemented on the 1st of December, 2012 where 120 students from four different schools were there to receive knowledge and get inspired by the stories of five entrepreneurs speakers on a stage of innovation and inspiration sharing.  Participating schools were from Amman, Tafilah & Irbid. 

For more detailed information about the previously conducted TTI events, please visit our "Past Events" menu above.