The ICT industry has rapidly became one of the main component of the business world all around the universe, especially that it acts like a supporting arm for all the other economic streams and that all the other industries are depending on the ICT updates in order to adopt many smart tools and software packages that shall raise their efficiency, save their time and give tem more accurate result in the major operations they have. 

To this end, TTI founders believe that support entrepreneurs from the ICT sector is never an option, and that a developed and up to date ICT sector in Jordan may be a very strong support of its economy. 

So this program was recently developed and launched in the beginning of 2013 with the objective to seek the market for strong and competitive ICT business ideas and support them in order to have those ideas survive as a mature business in the local and maybe regional markets.   



1.TTI Awareness and inspirational workshops: those are very similar of all the other workshops TTi provides under its other programs with a special customization up on the ICT sector needs; customization starts with having a special application form that screen ideas from ICT sectors, this application from found on the registration section on this site focuses on the technical and business mentality of the applicants in almost an equal manner. Secondly a customized content and wisely selected speakers are the component of the workshop schedule that introduces the latest ICT updates and stories from all over the world.

2.TTI ideas development and business incubation model:  after completing eth first phase of attending the inspirational workshop, the strongest ideas are being selected by TTI committee in order to continue the cycle of developing a mature idea and design a proper pitch for it, then those how passes the second evaluation phase are being referred to TTI incubation third-party partner in order to have real incubation and business starting up and registration (in case passed the special evaluation conducted by the third party incubation partner).

3.Specialized intensive Training: TTI will be continuously conducting special training for the ICT program beneficiaries where technical trainers will be introducing the latest tools and techniques in the ICT industry all over the world. 


Target Audience

TTI ICT targets any young individual from the ICT industry, with a special focus on the age range between 20 – 30 years old, however applicants from outside this age range are eligible to apply to this program as well.  


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