TTI has completed the first phase of “She Innovate”

TTI has completed the first phase of “She Innovate”

TTI has successfully completed the first phase of “She Innovate” project. The first phase of the project was conducting three Awareness and Mentoring sessions for over 300 beneficiaries. The beneficiaries consisted of Women Entrepreneurs whom have Home-Based businesses or business ideas related to Information and Communication Technology.

The sessions consisted of a Mentor Fair, which was the first of its kind in Jordan. The Mentor Fair was represented by an elite of Mentors specialized in MSEs Management and Development, Home-based Businesses Management, Marketing and Branding, Idea Validation, ICT Consultations and Legal Consultations.

We are currently preparing for the second phase of “She Innovate” by serving 60 qualified beneficiaries out of the 300 served in the first phase. The second phase consists of Project Management and Business Model training.

She Innovate” is funded by the “USAID-LENS“.

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