TTI Business


As the oldest program TTI started with, the business program has been very successful and effective towards achieving its main aim of supporting / spreading the cultures of innovation and entrepreneurship among youth in Jordan.  

Under this program TTI releases a completed set of services that targets youth from various industries; joining any of the services under this program requires one condition only that is having a business idea submitted through the dedicated application form on the registration bottom of this site. 

All submitted ideas are to be evaluated by TTI experts committee and those who are accepted will receive related notification. 




Target Audience

This program serves both genders of youth from various age ranges and different industries with a special focus on the age range between 20 – 30 years old. And with a serious attention to attract youth from all over Jordan. 


Previous Events 

TTI has conducted many events targeting young entrepreneurs and business men among all Jordan, such as conducting four intensive training programs and eight awareness and inspiration workshops for spreading the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship among youth locally.

For more detailed information about the previously conducted TTI events, please visit our "Past Events" menu above.