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Arcoten Accelerate is a virtual venture acceleration program. The program was adapted and based on Steve Blank's customer development based startup model. A model around founders – early on – getting out of the building to validate business models by engaging with customers before investing time and money to build their full product and service offering.  Unlike what startups are used to in the investment scene in the region , Arcoten Accelerate reduces the risk by not asking founders to build a 50 page plan or seek investment before helping them discover a repeatable and scalable business model , specially as the standard rate of failure is 9 out of 10 startups fail worldwide and VC invest in only 2% of the startups globally.

Arcoten Accelerate is a 9 week Acceleration program aiming to turn an idea into a validated scalable and repeatable business model, with the option of enrolling in an extended 9 month version of the program , where completing the product and service offering and building the venture is all done during the program.

The program targets all entrepreneurs residing in any Arabic country, with the convenience of not having to relocate as the program activities take place online. Program fees are 1,500 USD for 9 weeks – full and partial scholarships are available – Arcoten Accelerate gets NO Equity during the 9 week acceleration period , where each cohort of max 6 ventures receives a weekly 1.5 hours of group work and a weekly 1/2 an hour of  mandatory one-to-one coaching , in addition to open office hours with cohort theme specific mentors , and around 60,000 USD worth of perks per venture.

Because of fruitful partnership with TTI, Arcoten is offering 3 Full and 3 Partial Scholarships (FREE or DISCOUNTED) for the best teams at the TTI community members.

We do encourage all of our community members to apply for this excellent opportunity!

The application can be found on the following link.

Please make sure to enter "TTI#10" in  "Reference Partner and Scholarship code" field in the application, in order to receive details on how can you qualify and compete to receive a TTI scholarship. 

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