The Power of Volunteerism

The Power of Volunteerism

Volunteers are used to be addressed as those individuals who choose to give freely of their time, energy, and talents to help other people, causes, or organizations, without expectation of compensation, financial or otherwise. The main reasons why people volunteer are to help others, to promote causes they believe in, and/or to accomplish what they consider to be worthwhile goals. However, volunteers also can be the beneficiaries of their otherwise self-giving work: through learning new skills and resume building, which enhance their personal and professional growth.

At “ Trip to Innovation” , a local non for profit organization in Jordan that build the capacity of entrepreneurs, volunteers used to be defined and seen from a totally different perspective, we think of volunteering as a chance to enrich our lives by providing a helping hand of those around us, we are intensively working to inspire youth in Jordan by a carefully designed set of capacity building, awareness and support tools.

We seek the market for opportunities, success stories, role models and supporters, on the other hand we work hard to discover the undiscovered talents and brilliant minds in Jordan, and then we enjoy the amazing output of linking those two parties together. We saw some business and startups while it’s growing, we saw entrepreneurs who became more confident and realistic in their journey, and we have also touched the value added to our beneficiaries lives and experiences from many different angles. And mainly those were all what we seek from bringing up the “Trip to Innovation” Initiative into life.


We look forward to utilizing our potentials, as well as the brilliant capabilities of many other talented believers of the local community in a formula that spreads the culture of innovation and solutions creation everywhere. We strongly believe that the power of our volunteering accompanied with passion of our determination can be such an ultimate solution for most of the severe problems in the current history of Jordan, we hope that we can reach each and every talent in Jordan to show it the way and to in light its road with the needed tools to be in its suitable place as a productive entrepreneur instead of keep waiting for the chance of employment that may take longer than expected.

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We at “Trip to Innovation” work on training and equipping entrepreneurs with needed tools and resources of success, currently working on expanding our activities to cover more areas among Jordan, working to have a unique model of non for profit business incubator along with many partners, and finally dreaming of a better future of all of us, join us and be part of the change. 

Trip to Innovation Team   

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