1) Entrepreneurship awareness sessions:3e2d8416-d68d-4775-90d5-b6037a2f2201

The youth in our community is filled with energy and innovative ideas but lack clear guidance. That is why TTI launched this service; because you, as a young entrepreneur needs all the help you can get to grow! TTI plans events that aim to inspire your entrepreneurial sense and motivate you to enhance your high potential business idea .



2) Trainings:474674b6-ad03-474e-940f-71ec04ab13c1

Once you, an entrepreneur, are set with
a business idea, this intensive business training will help you move to the next level as it will equip you with the essential business components that any start-up business needs. 



3) Mentoring:

To assure the success and sustainability of the newly formed business, this upon-request service offered by TTI will match you as an entrepreneur  with experienced mentors that are committed to assisting entrepreneurs with their business needs.




4) Business Linkages:63d42cd2-b8b7-4019-b6f5-7dee83bb74af

TTI utilizes its network of business partners to further support your entrepreneurial sense with the business linkages you need (media presence, incubation programs, awards and fellowships.)






5) Entrepreneurship support programs development:b2b19c6a-0717-4718-b0a7-e639f62c391e

To support entrepreneurship> further more; TTI now provides consultation service to other organizations willing to create similar programs in Jordan and the region.






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