Entrepreneurship Awareness

If you have a business idea that needs to be guided to the right path, this is the place for you!

This service aims to provide insight into the essentials of entrepreneurship and gives a broader idea about all the necessities and requirements that are needed to implement and carry out the innovative ideas you have. The events regarding this service tend to provoke, motivate and trigger its participants to put their thoughts into action as well as providing them with the basics required to do so. There’s always a first step, and this is yours! 

Entrepreneurship Trainings

Now that you have a brief idea about the essentials of entrepreneurship and that you’ve completed the first step, TTI will guide take you to the next step in the journey of success by providing an intensive training that explains some technical topics, such as idea validation, business planning, fundraising, marketing, business model design, financial planning and so on.

This is your chance to carry out your innovative ideas and to start actualizing them!


TTI delightfully accommodates the young, innovative entrepreneurs with competent mentors who are gladly devoting their time and experience to help and guide you as an entrepreneur through this dazzling adventure. We believe that this service is crucial because it assures that you continue on receiving required knowledge and are continually empowered to achieve your business goals.

Join our mentoring program, and get ready to be captivated!

Linkages and Networking

TTI does not only provide you with awareness sessions, trainings, great mentoring and development support programs, it also establishes the necessary business relations and advocacy you need to promote and assist the growth of your innovative ideas. There’s always a beginning for every outstanding entrepreneurial idea, and this service is here to grant you that wish!