Our Partnership Towards Success!

Our Partnership Towards Success!

Umniah Partnership

As we cannot always build the future for our youth, alternatively we can build our youth for the future. This was lately a motive for many youth initiatives among Jordan, carried out by those who realized that “youth” is Jordan’s bridge to a better future. A very good example on youth change makers is “Trip to Innovation – TTI”, a Jordanian NGO that aims to spread innovation and entrepreneurship among youth as solutions to overcome poverty and un-employability.

Three years ago, TTI has started as a simple idea in the minds of passionate volunteers; and with their enthusiasm, determination, vision and the smart linkages they did, it started to grow bigger and bigger each day. After a long journey of hard work TTI today is a recognized community organization in Jordan that could serve more than 2000 young entrepreneurs with three main services of awareness workshops, intensive “Entrepreneurship 101” Trainings and smart linkages, moreover TTI could reach more than 6 cities among the kingdom.

As a small and startup community NGO, TTI could never solely achieve such a successful record; smart partnerships had enormous impact on the TTI’s growth; especially the precious early strategic partnership TTI could obtain with “Umniah” as a pioneer private sector company who has a big record in supporting young talents, innovation and entrepreneurs in Jordan.

As a socially responsible local brand, Umniah has adopted a very creative and efficient CSR strategy that supports youth innovation and talents all over Jordan, Umniah has believed in the TTI mission in a very early stage, stood by its side during the past years as an “Innovation Partner”, by this partnership Umniah positioned themselves as an actual youth supporter who really seek community improvement, and truly cause positive impact!

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Three years of partnership, were Umniah and TTI could inspire thousands of young entrepreneurs, could witness more than 12 growing startups, could reach youth from various backgrounds and location, they could change lives. This relation can be considered as a recognizable example on how community organizations and private sector companies can partner to be a very influential tool towards better economics and better future for our people.

This story of those two partners proves that long path towards higher goals become a simple, enjoyable journey when you choose your right partner! As by the accumulative effort and positive spirit of true partners accomplishments become easier. Here we invite all of those who want to create a positive change … choose the right partners, work hard and then expect the best outcomes!

Trip to Innovation Team 

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