Entrepreneurship climate in Jordan

In all societies there are different business industries and entrepreneurship is counted to be an industry. Like the rest of the world, Jordan also has an entrepreneurship industry. However, it is not integrated in the society that much but is increasing over time.

In Jordan, the minimum capital required to start a business has declined by more than 96% in 2008. However, this was and is not the only barrier entrepreneurs face. Starting a business requires ten procedures, fourteen days and costs 60.4% GNI per capita.

In addition, most entrepreneurs depend on informal funding due to lack of venture capital in Jordan. Thus, many Jordanian start-ups are finding difficulties to arise and grow.

TTI offers business support services like entrepreneurship awareness, training, mentoring and business linkages hoping to make a real touchable impact in Jordan.

TTI has conducted a study on the 22nd of November, 2015 about Entrepreneurship in Jordan. For further information click here.