Entrepreneurship in Jordan| Opportunities and Challenges Summary 

“Entrepreneurship in Jordan| Opportunities and Challenges” was a semi-conference, 3-hours event held on the 20th of September 2017 at Landmark Hotel- Amman. It was attended by the main players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Jordan including and bright entrepreneurs.
The event was a conclusion of collaboration among many partners, the United States Government as the funding partner, Umniah as the innovation partner, and Ro’ya as the media partner.

Event main pillars:

  • To introduce the entrepreneurship ecosystem map of Jordan done by TTI as a baseline for panel discussions.
  • To explore opportunities and challenges related to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan.
  • To provide networking and collaboration opportunities for executives, entrepreneurs, and activists within the ecosystem.
  • To share TTI achievements and future plans to support entrepreneurship in Jordan, opening the way ahead for collaboration.

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