Attending TTI 6, I remember hearing a speech from a modest man; he was simple in his words, and very modest. He had brought along both of his children, a boy and a girl, he also had a sense of shyness in his words, the way he sat, and he had shown a great amount of self-respect, as he had sat next to me, and at the time I had no idea that he was going to give a speech. 


He started his speech in a very humble way, modestly admitting he hadn’t done this before, speaking about his life experience. Eng.Salah Al Aqabi, continued and spoke about his humble beginnings, that he lives in Karak and that he started with a salary, during his time that was ok, but not enough to get him by, and he continued to tell us the story of how he fell upon the idea of chalk and started manufacturing it and exporting it, and the story was captivating, the making of a human like a hero, he told us about his endless tries over the years, and added that there were days, because of resistance from some and mocking of others, it had gotten to a point where it “stuck in his throat”, where for once he felt life had told him, not to go further or this is his “dead end”. 

I remember distinctly tearing up that day, I felt that my life was similar and that if he could do it, and then so can I! I was out of a job for almost 7 months at the time and those I worked with had a tendency to lie and try to cheat me out of my money, at the time I had done freelance work. People start to stand up against me, seeing one of them at the event rallied my emotions more, along with the speech, I was more determined than ever to get up and do something with my life. 

Today I am a copywriter/translator in a media company, taking one day at a time, to make meaning to my life, I try what I can, to try new things, and pick up new skills. But what I took back that day from Eng.Salah Al Aqabi, is that no matter how hard it gets, you find yourself even in today’s world, succeeding with things as small and as ridiculous as chalk, something we take for granted and that we should never take anything for granted, even if it’s our dreams that seem silly and stupid to some. Maybe some of us are meant to achieve the impossible!  

By Feras Abdo

Freelance designer, writer, copywriter,active blogger and public speaker amongst other things…..

Currently working as Copywriter/Translator at IMC Digital Jordan




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