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About TTi

TTI is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010 with the mission of spreading Entrepreneurship and Innovation culture among youth in Jordan.
We work with industry, government, big corporates, and academia to foster collaboration between business incubators, accelerators, innovation hub, co-working spaces and other key stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
To date, TTI could proudly serve more than 5000  beneficiaries in Jordan.

What We Do


Full-day interactive workshops, delivered by successful local entrepreneurs and startups experts, targeting young would-be entrepreneurs with a specific theme, More…

Entrepreneurship Training

This is a technical training for business modeling. During this practical training, entrepreneurs will validate their business idea and map it into a viable business model, More…


TTI has a network of qualified and passionate startups mentors along with aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to find the shortest path toward their business goals, More…

Business Linkages

We are offering a set of business networking services to support our entrepreneurs to meet their business goals, More…


Beside the equipped co-working space, we offer many business support services to our incubatees such as business development, financial management, branding, legal services and ICT transformation, More…









During the past 3 years, the efforts made towards supporting entrepreneurship have been doubled, however having a national agenda for entrepreneurship, supported with reliable statistics and references, will assure the effectiveness and sustainability of the great effort being made.

In July 2017, TTI created its first map for the entrepreneurship eco-system in Jordan as phase 1 toward more broad online reference with a wider range of comprehensive data design, statistics, and information, Read More…

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