TTI is NFP (Non For Profit) initiative that aims at creating a platform to support building "Innovation Culture" & "Social Entrepreneurship" among Jordanian youth & entrepreneurs.

Providing the youth community with the needed tools (knowledge, experience, communications and guidance) that can help them improving their creative thinking ability and accelerating their performance.

This will be done by organizing a series workshops, events and activities to introduce the beneficiaries to the latest innovative trends and updates worldwide, also to meet local & international role models, to share their success and inspiring stories of starting up new idea into reality.

However, we believe that to improve innovation we've to improve skills & capabilities. Tools can be used to facilitate this process, but they can’t do it on their own.

مشروع (رحلة إلى الابتكار) ممول من الوكالة الأمريكية للتنمية الدولية USAID))، وهو ضمن مشروع USAID لدعم مبادرات المجتمع المدني الذي تنفذه FHI 360